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Jay Esche

Mr. Esche has over 25 years’ experience working in the securities industry and operates as the Chief Compliance Officer for Kimery Wealth Management. He spent 16 of those years as a securities regulator with the State of Florida, Office of Financial Regulation (“OFR”). He began his working for OFR in August of 1990. Mr. Esche…

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Nico R. Kranz

Nico joined Kimery Wealth in 2018 and brings 17 years of financial services experience to the firm along with 5 years of managing legal corporate relationships. Prior to joining the firm, she not only worked within the Litigation, Environmental Health and Safety, Remediation sector at International Paper, she also served in several operational positions at…

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Bailey M. Berry

Bailey works with clients to address their service needs and enhance client relationships. She has honed her skills through everyday communication with clients, confirming that their requests are met in a timely manner and mastering the group’s operations and procedures. She displays a strong commitment to service, always ensuring that clients are engaged, informed and…

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George R. Connor

At Kimery Wealth Management, George is responsible for the due diligence, evaluation and selection criteria used to identify investment managers on behalf of the firm’s clients. Additionally, he supports the firm’s asset allocation efforts as well as its trading operations. George is also a member of the firm’s investment committee. Prior to joining the firm…

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Matthew C. Heffington

Matthew specializes in working with family groups and institutional clients to create highly personalized strategic wealth plans designed to foster long-term financial sustainability and growth. Additionally, Matthew consults on corporate executive compensation, philanthropic planning and next-generation financial education. Prior to joining the firm in 2014, Matthew spent five years with the Sharpe Group, a nonprofit…

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Kevin D. Kimery

As a Financial Advisor, Kevin seeks to help his clients and their families navigate the complexities of wealth while understanding their unique goals and challenges. Serving as the founding member of the firm, Kevin draws upon his extensive knowledge and more than 22 years of experience in the financial industry to design and implement customized…

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